eSDMS Forecasting

The solution calculates and provides the cash forecasting for processing centres and the SSTs (cashpoints) for their day-to-day operations.  The forecasting calculation is based on multiple parameters and the historical data.  The parameters includes the cash usage and deposit pattern, the working and non-working day definition, the buffering, the minimum and maximum cash holding or threshold limits, holiday, the availability of logistics for the trips, etc.

The historical data is important for the forecasting calculation. The application has the option to define the historical period to be used for the calculation depending on the availability of the old data.

In the meantime, the optimization is based on the availability of resources be it the crew or the vehicles.  The forecasting will make use of the resource input to optimize the trip requirements for cash loading and collection.

Cash Flow

Functions & Features

  • Flexible holiday definition i.e. state/federal holidays
  • Different week-end definition
  • Addition for special payment days i.e. salary, bonus, pension payout
  • Option for buffer setting by percentage or amount
  • Cash threshold limit setting i.e. min and max to load
  • Provision for cash filling frequency setting
  • Time based moving average algorithm with historical data
  • Forecasting calculation for future dates
  • Option for users to edit the system forecasted value (override)
  • Provides statistics on actual against system forecasted
  • Calculates MAPE for prediction fine-tuning
  • Dashboard & Report based on date & date range
  • Customized reports
  • Option for export to Excel/file
  • Auto-delivery of reports to inbox

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