eSDMS EJ & Content management

eSDMS suite of solutions digitizes Self Service Terminal operations and enhances efficiency

Our web based eSDMSsolution automates Self Service Terminal (SST) operational processes such as application file updates and Electronic Journal (EJ) file retrieval for ATMs, Cash Deposit Machines (CDM), Cash Recyclers Machines (CRM), Cheque Deposit Machines (CQM), Kiosks, etc.

A web based solution designed to automate the push and pull of files between the Self Service Terminals (SST) and the centralized servers. The retrieval of Electronic Journal (EJ) files, camera files, etc. from the SSTs and file updates like promotional/advertisement screens, patches and fixes file, campaign files, currency templates, etc. to the SSTs made very simple. It supports multiple platforms i.e. OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Linux.

EJ Content Management
Content Management Bank

This solution facilitates distribution and installation of advert screens, campaign files, currency templates, application patches, OS updates, etc. to all connected SSTs remotely. This solution also manages the EJ file pulling, camera images, log files, etc. from SSTs to central servers.

It is a vendor and platform independent. The solution runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, OS/2, etc. It is a hardware vendor independent solution deployed on many brands of SSTs.


  • Scheduling: Very flexible job scheduling
  • Security:SSL communication between Server and SSTs
    SSH for File Transfer
    Custom encryption key definition (AES)
  • File Retrieval: Facility to pull EJ file, camera images, application logs at any time. Able to pull multiple files in a single click.
  • Directory zoom: Terminal folder browsing and uploading multi-files made easy.
  • Terminal and Agent Restart: Restart SST/Agent by individual or group of SST at your convenience with priority options.
  • Remote command execution: Facility for authorized users to execute user defined commands on SSTs and output retrieval. Supports scheduling of command execution i.e. immediate or later.
  • Rollback: Provision for users to rollback to previous version for recovery on any distribution. Supports scheduling of rollback i.e. immediate or later.
  • Distribution and Installation: Automated package distribution and installation at time of choice. Ability to schedule the download and install on preferred timings. No downtime required for package installation – silent installation. Flexible pre and post installation instruction execution.
  • Marketing Campaign: Automated time based expiry of campaigns. No hassle of manual monitoring of campaign expiry dates.
  • Network optimization: Works on very low bandwidth with advanced compression mechanism. Supports software based Bandwidth throttling for individual terminals.
  • Data Integrity: In built checksum verification for any file transfer between the terminals and the central server.
  • Alert and notification: Automated alerts and notification for any failed jobs via email or SMS.
  • Report delivery: Schedule based auto-delivery of reports to user mailbox instead of accessing the reports by login to the application.
  • Job priority: Capability to pause, resume and prioritize jobs.
  • Status monitoring: Efficient job status monitoring for proactive resolution. Provides real-time dashboard statuses.
  • Multi-tenancy: Runs on multi-platform and multi-brands of terminals.
  • Backup and Archival: Automated file transfer to multiple external servers for backup and archival.
  • Self-recovery: Provision for multiple time based auto retry definition for failed jobs.
  • Auto update: In-built auto update of our agent without any job scheduling.
  • File import: Facility for field engineers to upload any files to central server.
  • EJ Viewer: Multi tab EJ viewer with wildcard search, save, print, PDF & email options. Facility to print, save, PDF and email preferred portion of EJ content
  • File filter: Controlled package distribution and retrieval with file extension filters
  • Daily EJ file creation: Robust daily EJ creation based on business cut-over time.
  • EJ Streaming: Real time (online) EJ content streaming to central server.
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