eSDMS Device & Incident management

This solution monitors and manages SST device health statuses and incidences on a real-time basis.  It tracks and manages each incident progress through the life of incident.  It provides the alerts and notifications as per defined business rules.

It routes the incidences automatically, monitors its statuses and escalates to relevant parties to ensure each incident is attended to and closed on time.

It provides the history of incidences for each device for every SST.

This solution also has the features to verify and keep track of all Second Level Maintenance (SLM) quotations from various vendors.  It stores the vendor’s hardware price catalog in the system.  Whenever a quotation for part replacement received, the users are able to cross check the quoted price against the price catalog.

Device Incident Management


  • ‘Auto’ ticket creation based on Switch or EJ feed
  • Option for manual incident ticket creation based on incident selection, incident name for a device and general for a SST
  • Flexible definition for ticket creation, its type, etc.
  • Able to handle ‘proactive’ and ‘reactive’ incidences based on status codes
  • Flexible up time/down time setting
    • based on operation hours
    • Multiple up/down time setting within a day
  • Flexible response time setting
    • By SST/region/default/FLM/SLM etc.
  • Multiple charts for easy status viewing/monitoring
  • Option for users to configure charts by device
  • Automated incident/ticket closure based on device fitness
  • Provision for dashboard chart display based on user/role
  • Option to drill down from the dashboard charts to view and create incidents/tickets
  • Supports multi ticket creation for any incident
  • Option to search incidences by ticket ID
  • Option to add remarks for tickets closed automatically based on the fitness message
  • Reports
    • Uptime/Down time report
    • SLA Report
    • Supervisor Mode Report
  • Comprehensive SLM quotation verification and approval
  • Automated notifications to supervisors for approval
  • Automated notifications to vendors upon approval.
  • Capability to view all the maintenance based on part number
  • Capability to view all the maintenance performed on any specific SST.

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