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Customer Testimonial – Gunaselan, Lead, EHS Projects, HESS

  • September 29, 2017

“eSHEAMS and the MyMindFree engineers have been excellent. We started the entire process in HESS with sending out a bid. We received about 30 odd applications and conducted an extensive bid evaluation to map our requirements against what was proposed by the vendors. eSHEAMS came out on top technically and met all our requirements.

eSHEAMS came largely out of the box designed for us specifically in the oil and gas industry to aid on closing our actions. Additionally, we extended it a little to suit our Hess flavour and the MyMindFree engineers were on the ball at all times knowing what we meant and how we wanted the solution to move fluidly with our needs. The support has been top class; and goes beyond the ordinary sort of 5 by 8 hours support which other IT companies stick by.

We have since been using it for last 6 months and it’s been a breath of fresh air for us in Hess. eSHEAMS loads our actions easily and then proceeds to provide for a complex workflow solution seamlessly. Right from Project, EHS then to operation readiness and the Operations team we now use it on a daily basis. We are very pleased with it. Not just closing out the actions right but the aggregated reporting and tracking of each actions that we need to send out weekly. and again we have been supported by MyMindFree engineers all the way”

-Gunaselan, Lead, EHS Projects, HESS

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