MindFree Sdn Bhd (“MyMindFree”) is an associate company of InfoMindz R&D SdnBhd (“InfoMindz”), which has about 15 years of experience in providing intelligent software solutions for diverse industries. With strength and best practises derived from its associate company, MyMindFree was formed in 2012 to provide robust, simplified, innovative and smart solutions to a wide range of business sectors.

The team of experts at MyMindFree are committed to help customers succeed with productive solutions. While keeping customers at the core of its business, MyMindFree invests in fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities through its efforts in providing green solutions and educating marginalised children.

Today, MyMindFree remains the powerhouse of innovation, bringing forth innovative solutions in a continuous cycle of improvement.

We are MyMindFree

Providing innovative solutions is our passion. We are committed to to help enterprises realise  their ambitions and create positive impact on their stakeholders.

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